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Gia Is Tall Dark Slim And Sexy

Gia Is Tall Dark Slim And Sexy

Gia is tall, dark, slim and sexy. She keeps her slave tied up in a garbage chute and then only lets him out on a very short chain. She slaps his ass and prepares the silver bullet to punish this naughty slave. She busts out her pink tipped black cobra for him to play with and then proceeds to shove it in his mouth. She licks his pixie stick and than crams her dark baton deep inside his colon. He grunts and moans and takes it from her hard in a variety of positions. Her puffy nipples expand and harden as she pumps away, finally spanking her black monkey and squirting thick white cream up and down her leg and near his face too. He pastes his semen on her puffy tit.



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