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I honestly don’t know what else to say about an abomination like this. Some plastic surgeon, an artist, slapped a perfect set of fake tits on a guy and now it’s… it’s a what? Seriously, what in the actual fuck is this shit?

Maybe I’m just being naive and need to open my mind more. Perhaps I’m missing out on a unique experience? I’m willing to consider the possibilities in this regard but if you’re going to come with outcries of equality and political correctness then you too should feel free to go and fuck yourself.

I guess if you’re a straight guy who’s into pegging then this will suit you to a T. Or are you already not a thoroughbred heterosexual if you like getting fucked in the ass by a strap-on?

Hey, but who am i to judge, we all have our freaky side, I sure do, it’s just that this is definitely not mine. If it’s yours you should know that you can save 82% off with this discount to I Love Black Shemales.

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