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She Fucks His Mouth And Then His Ass

She Fucks His Mouth And Then His Ass

Maite Gaspari is a thick brunette with white skin and smaller tits. Her boyfriend is Sandro Bullack, a long time pervert capable of fucking any sex in existence. He eats her out, chewing on her massively swollen clit. She calls over her tranny friend named Rochieelle Schmann; a blonde with a lot of makeup, tiny tits and a skinny semi-long rod between her legs. Sandro sucks hard on it as she thrusts her hips to shove it deeper down his throat. His girlfriend in the meanwhile probes his ass with 2 and then 3 fingers. He sucks Rochieelles cock and then bends over to take it in his ass as well. His girlfriend puts on a strap on and prepares to do some more work on Sandro. She fucks his mouth and then his ass and then pulls out to water his face with her watered down sperm.



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